Apple watch feedback and suggestion

First of all, congrats on making the apple watch app. I’ve been a FL user for more than 7 years already and didn’t have an Apple watch when there was a previous version. This new one is very well awaited. I want to provide feedback after one week of using it. I was not able to find where to submit within the app.

  • FL app version
  • iPhone 15 plus on iOS 17.5.1
  • Apple watch 8 on watch OS 10.5

Overall comments:

  • nice look and feel
  • good first approach at a watch app
  • feels like an overpriced remote control as it does nothing more than to click next.
  • always needs to be connected to app running in foreground. Not good.
  • sometimes it is buggy and does not sync properly

Suggested improvements

  • allow countdown timers in rest periods to run independently if app is in foreground on the phone or not. Sometimes I pickup the phone in lenghty rests (120sec or more when between weight sets). This will allow the user to know when it’s time to go make the next set.

  • Incorporate heart rate measurements just like Apple fitness does. It is interesting to keep track on one’s hear rate and its zones. I love FL and am a lifetime user, but I find Apple fitness app more useful in my wrist.

Happy to provide additional information and feedback or even becoming a beta tester.