Apple fitness app sync

I just registered a run on the Apple fitness app of my Apple Watch. Although the run appeared the Freeletics app, right bellow the base tab, it didn’t count for the base and it didn’t appear on the feed. I had to log it manually. What did I miss?

I logged an external activity on the health app for 70 minutes, it appeared on the Freeletics app like this:

Why does it say “Hit your base today!” And “0/17” if I already did a 70 minutes workout?

Hey Johann,

That does look strange. Can you try logging out of the app and then back in to it? May be there is a delay in the app updating. In any case, we’ll look in to it and try to understand what is happening :+1:t2:


Heya, thanks for reporting-that does indeed look a bit unexpected :frowning_face:

We’ll look in to it and I’ll update here once I have some news. In the meantime can you try logging out of the app and back in to it for me to see if that nudges a sync?


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I think it’s broken

Or is yoga not basic activity?

It helped

Hey, we’re aware of this :+1:t2: In the mean time closing the app and reopening it should nudge a sync :smile:


Hey @here :wave:t2:

Ok, so for the time being it may be that you need to close your app and then open it to fully sync any logged external activities.

Doing this will fully update the Base Progress bar in the app with the logged activity time underneath.


It worked! Thanks!

It looks like my daily 2.5mile walks aren’t syncing from Apple Health - will this kind of activity count towards Base?

I can see the walks in ‘walking & running distance’ but they don’t sync. Other data is syncing, such as running that comes from Strava, to Apple Health, to Freeletics.


there is a good chance I´m just a big iPhone noob but maybe you can help me out. Apple Health and Apple Fitness both logged a 39min exercise for today (running). It doesn´t appear in the Freeletics app. App is allowed to sync with Health :man_shrugging:
Seems to be another problem than for the others. I´m not getting anything in the Freeletics app. Tried to logout and close the app to force a sync multiple times.

Appreciate your time and help!

If you scroll a bit more down to the Workouts section, do you have anything logged there?

Asking because the green exercise minutes in Apple’ Activity is not the same as workouts.

So it has to be logged as workout? How do I ensure that :upside_down_face: Starting a run on my Apple Watch helps?

Thanks Sofia!

Hey @rmramsden,

Steps, time spent in such walking activity won’t count towards your Base. It’s best explained in this post below :point_down:t2:


Unfortunately it still doesn’t work, neither after closing/reopening the app nor after logout and login. My Apple Health activities are visible in Freeletics app (and with >30min long enough), but not counting towards base. My today’s coach workout is. Please fix the bug to count the so-far not counted, but recorded past activities and advise how to get them synced. Thanks.

What Apple Health activities exactly? Can you share a screenshot?


@Ben Sure, here the screenshot from January 1st - it shows the activity (Walking), but no Base, the one from today shows 1 day Base (today’s coach training). The other activities from yesterday and January 1st are ignored. Unfortunately, I can only upload one screenshot as a new forum user, so I uploaded the one from January 1st.

Ok, I think I see the confusion here. To clarify you will only ever see your current Base streak on the current day. You won’t see any Base bar on previous days. What activities from yesterday are ignored?


I’ve changed this for you :+1:t2: More screenshots help :pray:t2:


Hello -

I am able to upload my activities and see them in the app, but no progress bar appears or anything that shows I completed Base. The progress bar has showed up for me a couple of times before but then it disappears. The last time I saw it was before I updated the app from version 49 to 50.