Base Level not counting

Did you track the skiing the same day or the day after?

Yes… However, I found the solution. It is written. I had to go to the exercices. Thank you for your help… Best

Issue keeps coming up for me without fix. I guess it’s happening when I track something in Apple Health and I don’t open the Freeletics App that same day, it syncs the next time I open which “disqualifies” the entry from being tracked. Also, i sometimes put a workout in the next day in health, which also gets ignored by the base count.

Btw, tried to find a workaround and log things directly into Freeletics and encountered another bug: if I log a exercise within Freeletics manually, it always shows 0min, even though the title says “3min X Stretch - 0min”.

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@fabioo Did you log your 3min X Stretch as self created workout “without doing just logging”?
In this case (just logging) you are not able to feedback how long you need for your self created workouts - and it will be handled as done in 0 minutes.

Same issue here, had a streak of 25 days, logged a run of 50 min yesterday but didn’t open the freeletics app, opened it today and now the base streak shows 1 day :confused:.
It is a pitty that a community competition is dependent of a buggy feature :neutral_face::grimacing:


There are some little works to do for the person who made it… Some things do not go well. I walked 3,5 km, it was recorded in Apple health but not Freeletics…