Introducing Base

Hey everyone!

As some of you have noticed, we are rolling out a new concept for healthy living called Base.

Our main objectives with this are to make adopting a healthy lifestyle easy and uncomplicated. We want to encourage consistent physical activity on a daily basis.

Your Base is the 17-minute minimum of daily movement you need to establish a habit that helps build lifelong fitness. How you do it is entirely up to you - you might enjoy swimming, bouldering, or a game of soccer with friends in the park, as long as it’s intentional and lasts at least 17 minutes, you are hitting your Base.

Any training that you complete in the Training App will count towards your Base, as will any other activity that you have synced with either Apple Health or Google Health Connect via 3rd party apps, so long as you have enabled the respective connection in your Profile settings menu. So if you are using other apps to log your fitness or activity data, they will only sync with Freeletics if they are compatible with Apple Health or Google Health Connect, depending on your mobile device.

You must make sure that any activity that you want to count towards your Base is logged in your respective Health app, if it is not, then it will not count towards your Base.

You can see if you have achieved your Base on the Coach tab of the app, and some of you will also see a blue progress bar visualizing this, but some of you will not see this for the time being.

Just finally, whilst your Coach will count towards to your Base, any activities logged externally will not have any impact on your Coach Training, but we are exploring this for a future release. Interested in helping? Fill out this survey to share more insights about your other fitness activities.

If you’ve got questions or feedback please throw them in a post below :point_down:t2:



Love to see new features are being implemented to FL.

One question about “base”
For someone who doesn’t like to have apple health or any other health app turned on to sync with any apps, does that mean that “base” will not be visible to me until option is turned on? Or blue progress bar would still be there it would just show 0 for me?


@Dark I also don’t sync any data with third party. The base is visible in this case.


This could be a good news. Maybe this will motivate me to do stretching and recovery exercises on off days to hit that 17min mark.

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Hey both,
If you don’t want your training data to be shared with Google or Apple integrations, then only the activities performed in the Freeletics training app will be taken into account for your Base progress/completion. Others activities (performed outside the Freeletics app) can only be synchronized via third party apps that are also connected to Google Health connect and Apple Health.

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That was my thinking too.
Was saying this could be good feature as it would motivate me to do stretching and recovery exercises on off days :smile:
I’m not that active during winter outside normal scheduled training days

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Yo! I really like this new 17 minutes base line for daily activity. Motivates me to get active to watch that bar get filled.


I really like this new feature, but my synced activities are still showing up in the app a day late. So if I got for a 20 minute run today, it affects tomorrow’s base. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but the issue persists.

That said, I love the new feature and the focus on getting consistent movement every day!

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Anyone else having issues with the Freeletics app not importing data from apple Health app?
I see data from Freeletics is being synced to Health but I dont see Health data imported into Freeletics.
I like the the concept of the base and would like to get this feature working :slight_smile:

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Regarding apple health sync….

I am happy to allow Freeletics to “read” my apple health data, but not “write” to it.

But it seems enabling only the read option does nothing, and I have to enable both read and write for Freeletics to read my apple health data.

This doesn’t make much sense.

Same here! Funny thing is that the sync works the other way around: my Freeletics workouts are shown in Samsung Health and Google Fit but steps won’t count towards Base activity. :thinking:

S22+, newest Android

No, steps don’t count. But if you took a walk or a run, that would count.

No, it doesn’t track walks either. I walked through the city for an hour or so and nothing was tracked.

for me it does track walks

So, what’s the difference between a “walk” and a number of steps? Which app and device do you use for tracking?

I use Samsung health and a cheap Samsung training watch (currently) that starts tracking a “walk” after I’ve been walking for 10 consecutive minutes. If walked 10.000 steps a day but cut up in 5 minutes, it wouldn’t pick it up, unless i’d select the “walk” option.

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Apple watch does the same, and I think all health trackers follow this logic.

If you log your walk as a workout, it will count as a workout and will go towards Base. In my case I’d have it logged in a case of a hike or a really long walk in the city. But if you don’t start it as a workout, then you walking is not being counted as workouts, even though health trackers will count the steps.


This doesn’t seem to work for me.
I’m using Google fit which syncs with health connect (see screenshot). Also, freeletics is synced with health connect as well.

I have done a 20 minute walk today (see screenshots from Google fit), but nothing shows up under Base in freeletics (attached a screenshot for that as well).

Should I update something or configure something differently?



Same problem.

Hi @bugo.k1 and @roberto.franceschini :wave:t2:

As has been mentioned before in this topic, steps won’t count towards your Base, even if in this case Google Fit classifies steps taken in a set period of time as a “walk”.

You can log a walk, but then you really do need to log it as a walking activity…not just rely on the steps being counted. Hope that makes sense :+1:t2:


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