Add ability to log sessions for other sport


It would be great to be able to add to the app the ability to log sessions of other sports done during the week. To illustrate the point, I play tennis twice or three times a week and it would be great to be able to add those in the weekly schedule proposed by the app.

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Hi Ben,

why would you do that? You already have all your sport sessions tracked by Garmin connect, why do you need another sport tracking app?
If you feel you’re doing too much in a week, reduce the number of Freeletics training days. If you feel sore, ask the coach to reduce your workout load or exclude muscles using the Adapt button. You could also skip a scheduled training day (e.g. after an exhausting tennis game) …


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Hi Ben and Freddy!
Freddy: One of the significant advantages of freeletics in my opinion is that I don’t have to change much before starting a workout. I open the app and let’s go. I recently had a small injury and nothing is more annoying than having to adapt to each training. Then I could just write my own training schedule, to begin with. So I agree with Ben. I would go even further: Just read the apple health and fitness files automatically. Not only do I get all my training from there, but also changes in my resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and much more - like if I’m doing fewer steps the day after leg day - I am obviously sore… Stuff like that! That would be awesome!

I would like to as well, I swim two or three tumes a week, and I would like the coach to taje this into account. I don’t habe garming device