Be more flexible with equipment

A bunch of exercises are locked unless you add specific equipment.
The idea itself makes sense, but I believe that some of the exercises shouldn’t be locked the way they are.

Examples: assisted pistol squats, leg swings, lateral leg swings, weighted calf raises.

According to the app, all of these require a pole. Pistol squats are locked as well until you master assisted pistol squats. My guess is that most people use Freeletics at home rather than at the gym, and very few own a pole. All of us have access to a wall, a chair or a even tree, and either of these could be used for these exercises.

Proposal: if I specify either a wall or a chair or a pole or a even a tree, it should unlock these exercises.

Impact: Using my own example, I have been working out with Freeletics for 3.5 years and I didn’t have the pole enabled as I don’t have access to one. I was lacking intensity in my leg exercises. Only because of that, I started digging deeply and I realised that some great exercises are locked. I specified that I have a pole and now I am regularly getting these exercises and I finally feel that my legs get enough training. I had to hack my Coach but should it really be this difficult?

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Just for clarification: the skill path is locked not the exercise itself.
There’s another way to “hack the coach” when a skill path is locked but you’ve already mastered this exercise and want it in God Workouts (like Handstand Walk or Pistol Squats): choose a God Workout containing this movement, do it and give proper feedback.

But totally agree in case of Pistol Squats. Why is this skill path bounded to equipment? Assisted Pistol Squats even can be performed with the help of a training buddy (aka “the pole”) or a kitchen sideboard.


There is often some hack we can do, but one of the problems with hacks is that <1% of users bother or know to investigate them! (my estimate, I am sure it is very accurate :wink: )
Every hack is an indicator of an improvement opportunity for the app :bulb:

We have two votes already! Yay! Anyone else? :smiley:

I also don’t have a pole but have resistance bands and a door holder which substitutes a pole. That’s also the only reason why I do the path to pistol squats. But I can also just use a door/window frame to try them.
So I feel like the pole is the easiest equipment to substitute.