Skills progression blocked

Hi everyone!

I just had a question about the skills progressions. I’ve selected the ones I’m interested in training towards but most show as blocked or partially blocked. Why is this?

Will they unlock as I reach further into various programs? Is there anything that says whats blocking them?


They could be blocked because of missing equipment (Pistol Squats e.g. require a pole) or because of excluded exercises.

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Hello dear athletes Jay and Mela :hugs:

Mela you are absolutely right!

If the App is telling you that your Skill Progression is blocked and you need to update your settings this could mean:

  1. Is your weight correct, using the correct unit measurement, and up to date in the app? Certain Skill Progression will be blocked for certain weights and heights for safety reasons.
  2. Are your equipment settings up to date? Sometimes only activating the Pull-up bar is not enough for certain Skill Progressions, you also need to enable all the different space settings for your bar in your Coach settings. And as Mela says, a Pole is required for Pistol Squats.
  3. Did you exclude some exercises? If you have excluded certain exercises in the Coach, this could mean that your Skill Progression is blocked.

Enjoy the new feature!

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Ah ok that makes sense, thanks. I haven’t excluded any exercises apart from runs and sprints and I have most of the equipment. Honestly, it’s probably my weight then which makes sense too.

Thanks for clarifying :+1:

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This is brilliant! Just wanted to point that out. I am very impressed with how thorough this new feature is. Thanks Freeletics team!