Activity shown as blocked

Wanting to do progression to pistol squats and it is shown as a blocked activity and slows to edit coach settings. I have disabled any restriction I had, added weights, and don’t have any unchecked equipment and yet I still face this activity as being blocked. Strange when it it’s a balance exercise and yet when there are no restrictions it still shows blocked.

Do you have a pole in your equipment?
The pistol squat skill path needs a pole (because of assisted pistol squats).

As I mentioned earlier I have everything selected as available. I took screenshots but am only about to post one media file at a time.

Here’s another showing that all exercises and equipment are available and yet I continue to see pistol squat as blocked. When I go into the exercise it only has 1 available activity.

Which Journey did you chose?
Possible that this is a skill not available on equipped Journeys like Dumbbell Gain.

Pistol squats - and it’s not like the other skills that say I need to complete something before I can expand that skill set.

I don’t see any reason why it should be blocked.
I know that some exercises are blocked by algorithm due to athletes bodyweight but I’m not sure if Pistol Squats are among these exercises.