Best profile to use for garmin with freeletics

Hi all, I have recently got a garmin watch instead of a polar watch. So I’m getting used to it. I selected a Hitt profile for a workout, I did some battle ropes in my session as well as freeletics and the watch seemed to read this as running/steps. Any idea what profile is best to use on garmin?

Hi Henry,

Considering the number of Garmin watches available, this is not easy to answer. I have used multiple Garmins of the ForeRunner series and I use the Strength app for my workouts.

Depending on what stats you want to collect, you should play with the apps and profiles and find your best fit. For me this is Strength: it counts time and calories, shows HR and even counts repetitions and / or sets.


I’ve used cardio setting and renamed it to Freeletics, now I’m using the HIT and so far no complaints.

You can edit each profile to your needs and screens

Thanks guys,
I’m on the Fenix 6 Pro, have been using it now on the Strength settings but just customised it to be Hitt as that’s all my workouts inc freeletics are. My main desire is to best collect the calories I’m burning and not to wrongly collect so that I think I’ve burnt more than I have, or flip side, burnt way more than what the watch is telling me. I know these things are never 100% but when I did my first session with the watch, it clocked battle ropes as walking/running and my calories was much higher.
I guess it’s just a case of playing around and customising it where needed

Just another athlete here that hit the walk Freeletics-Garmin.

As the previous athletes mentioned, I also use Strength and Cardio apps.

It’s interesting to see that such a beautiful and curated software such as Freeletics, doesn’t integrate that well with 3rd parties like Strava or Garmin.

I’ve been using (and paying, of course) Freeletics since 2018 and I’ve been looking for this integration since then, very painful to not have found it yet…

So many sport watches on the market, so many systems/software to maintain.

I would like to see it as well, but the approach explained above works for me.

Personally, Resources can spend somewhere else, than maintaining a sport watch integration