Bootcamp Episode 6 HALF WAY

Wednesday Bootcamp time :slight_smile:

Believe it or not we are already half way through. The first weeks flew by like nothing but our FreeAthletes can already show some results. BUT it is not all about having results already - it is more about HOW DO YOU FEEL? Did you feel some changes and the most common answer was YES - “I feel so much better in my skin and am actually really happy right now”.

Honestly that is the best outcome I as a coach can wish for.
The next half is not going to be easy BUT we will establish some habits and work on some skills.

Sometimes the half way point can also be a demotivation BUT I use to tell them: you did not come this far to only come this far. You got this - look forward not back.

See you next week.
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I’ve been with Freeletics about 5 months now. Listening to their stories sounded very similar to my experience so far. Freeletics has been a very transformative experience for me.

Glad to be apart of the team!

:clap::clap: to our Boot Campers!