Bootcamp Episode 3

Hi everyone, it’s me again (Vanessa from our Bootcamp).

In this weeks episode is all about BURPEES!

The Bootcampers are in their 3rd week and have done plenty of burpees already. You should have seen their faces every time I told them we’ll do some burpees today. :smiley:

But yeah in general nothing worth fighting for comes easy and becoming a pro in burpees is not a thing you’ll be able to do by the end of the week BUT using your whole body and being to perform them you should start slow. Set yourself small goals and maybe by the end of the month 30 Burpees or eben 50 is not such a big deal anymore.

What I am trying to say is, burpees are worth “fighting” for. The most I have done at once is 1000 burpees :smiley: that was such a great experience but I did not start with that.

Hope you enjoyed this episode :point_down:t3:

And I’ll be back next week !



Burpees are an uphill battle for me, I’ve been able to make it through God workouts by doing sets of 10. They work my body and cardio particularly hard, but this lets me know they are the quickest route to the next level of fitness.

To do 1000 burpees in one setting seems insane Vanessa, I can’t tell you how impressive that is! :exploding_head:


Thanks :smiley: the 1000 Burpees was a challenge:
10 Burpees every minute for as long as you can.

so I started with 30sec 10 burpees 30sec rest.
And to be honest when I hit 1000 I still had 40sec for burpees 20 sec but as everybody else already finished I was like - ok 1000 is nice I stop here :crazy_face:


Now I have something to aspire to :pray:

I look forward to your next episode! :v:

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