Bug In Android 12


There seems to be a bug in android 12. If you click the coach tab along the bottom ribbon then select any challange that you are part of it remains stuck there… when you hit the back button in this menu it brings you to the challange section in the community tab, not back to coach… and if you hit the coach tab along the bottom ribbon again it loads the challange instead. The only way to actually see the coach tab now again is to either close the app to refresh it or to try to double tap the coach tab very quickly before it loads the challange… sometimes this will load the coach again but it’s pot luck.
If it helps I am also using a Google Pixel 4a 5g.

On a slightly different note, is the tab for the freeletics shop permenantly gone as part of the latest update? It will nice to be able to pop into to this now again to see if there was any special deals going on.


Following on the above… I’ve spotted a second bug. When I click on any workouts in the feed (in the community tab) to see likes or comments it comes up with a blank screen.

@rua.donn This bug is already fixed with Android App Version 22.19.0

Thanks, just checked and your right about the last bug. The problem with getting back to coach after clicking into challanges is still there though.