Cannot see the comments on my posts

Hi there,

I have a problem with my app since earlier this morning. I cannot read the comments on my posts. I am able to see the amount of claps and comments I am getting, but when I click on them, then all that appears is a white screen on my cell phone. I have logged in to my account few times, but it does not reset back to normal.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance,


Hello, I have the same problem.
How can we fix it ?

Not sure. I was hoping someone from IT support would read this comment and check what is going on. But seems to me that there is no way to communicate with anybody at FL…

This is a bug in App version 22.18.0 and will be fixed in version 22.19.0, see Here and Here

Thanks MelaLetics. I have updated to the latest Android version available to date and the problem is still there. Blank screen where the comments should be listed. Any more ideas?

As for the Freeletics app, I am using the 22.18.0, but PlayStore does not show a newer version yet.

Yes, the newest version 22.19.0 is still on beta. As mentioned in the threads I linked: just a little patience - it is already fixed but not enrolled to all users.

I have the same problem, blank screen instead of comments. Nothing seems to be fixed yet, already 3 days…

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@Rabea it is fixed with Version 22.19.0. I guess you still have the version 22.18.0 having the bug. Version 22.19.0 is still just available for beta users. That’s a normal deployment behaviour. I had that issue almost two weeks ago and found it fixed five days ago. If that fix version will follow the normal enrollment behaviour, you will get this update the next days.

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Hi MelaLetics! Any update on when you guys will deliver 22.19.0 version? It’s been already a week and a half since I had this issue and still is not fixed…

Hey Jorge :wave:t2:

Let me quickly jump in and reply to this. So 22.19.0 should be available to everyone now in their app store.

Are you not able to download it?


Hi Ben. Thanks for your answer. Nope, PlayStore does not show 22.19.0 version yet. Not sure what it is happening here…

Ok, thanks for letting me know Jorge :see_no_evil: Maybe something happened with the rollout. I’ll take a quick look and update here as soon as I have something.



Hey Jorge :wave:t2:

So, it looks like there was a problem with the rollout that stopped it being released to all users in their App Stores. I am not totally sure as to the reason why, though we are looking in to this.

There should be another update available from today/tomorrow, so I am fairly confident that should be the end of this particular problem though I was equally confident last week :see_no_evil:

Sorry for the confusion and the extra delay in getting this resolved!


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Ben, no worries and thanks for your support. I just got the new version installed and the problem is gone! I can read my comments again!! So big DANKE to all your team.

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Ah great to hear it! Thanks for letting me know :+1:t2: