Bundle "clap-clap" notifications to single one so the important ones like real answers don't get lost


I’d like the app to bundle all clap-clap notifications into one single message - not a new notification with every new clap-clap, but a single one that gets updated with every new clap-clap.

I always loose track of the really important notifications like answers to my workouts due to the app spamming with unimportant notifications. I have to rely on scrolling through my profile to catch up on any missed answers. I shouldn’t have to do this if the app was designed better.

The current notifications design blocks meaningful user interactions which can’t be your goal, can it?


You can disable notifications for clapClaps in general. (Profile → Settings → Security (Datenschutz) → Communication → News

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Thanks for the reminder! :slightly_smiling_face: In fact, I already did this for follower notifications. Not quite the intuitive way, Freeletics! How many people would be guessing notification settings hidden behind “Privacy”?

Still, I’d prefer a redesign of the clap-clap notifications. I only deactivated them because of their high frequency. This shouldn’t be a satisfying solution.

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Addendum: even after having disabled Profile → Settings → Security → Communication → News -->ClapClaps, I still get notifications of clapclaps (Community–>Bell Icon / News).

Hi Christian, when you say notification, do you mean you actually get a red dot showing on the bell icon, or just the information showing in there?


Hi Ben, can’t tell for sure. I’ll have a look at it. One way or the other, I am annoyed by the spam of useless clap-clap notifications shown in/behind the bell icon.