Calorie and Variety of Exercises

Amazing app and I use it like for years but why not we can see estimated calorie burn and for years actually very limited exercises and movements? For example I want to do an incredible butt workout through Freeletics and create my own workout is my style but can only find so few exercises on the specific area? Why not updating exercises more frequently?

Hi @gamze_abuzer , welcome tot he forum!

I think an estimated number of calories burnt would be quite hard as it would depend on so many factors very specific to an individual and the intensity put in during the session.

You can now create your own workout with the workout builder tool in the app, there are already so many exercises available, in this builder, what would be examples of exercises that you would want to find there?



Using the Workout Creator, there are in fact some bodyweight exercises exclusively only for this area, like some Burpees variations.