Deleting comments feature

Freeletics version 22.31.0 (In English)
Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Android 11

Well this is not exaclty a bug report, more like an update suggestion:

The option to delete our comments and other people’s comments on our wall (for instace, in the rare case that there was a unkind one).

Also, the visual feedback when you type a comment and send it is not very helpful.

Normally when you write a comment and send it on any other app, like Fb or IG, the writing box dissapears and your comment is displayed under the previous comment right? At least on my FL App, when I press send, the writing box stays there on the screen as if I was still editing it, making impossible for me to see that the message has already been posted…so, thats how I ended up sending 5 times the same comment…and now I can’t delete the unnecessary ones :sweat_smile:

Also, I’ve also noticed that I can’t (or maybe don’t know how) see the full texts of my own posts, I don’t know where else to tap.