Challenge -- Why all exercises are not taken into account

Hi There,

I’m part of several challenges, and created couple of challenges as well. I have discovered lately that all daily exercises are not taken into account into challenges. For example, challenge started on May 15th, only 7 exercises mentioned instead of 10. on others challenges, the delta can go up to 4 or 5.
So i’m wondering why all exercises are not taken into account.
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Hi Nicolas :wave:t2:

I’m not totally sure I understand what is happening here-can you break it down a bit more for me? Sharing some screenshots would also be helpful to see exactly what is happening :+1:t2:


Hey Ben,

Thanks for your reply.
Indeed my message is not cristal clear :slight_smile:
I did couple of screenshots of three challenges where you can see that i did more workouts (Pull-ups, Push-up & squat) than saved in each challenges.

So i am wondering why all workouts are not saved, did I miss something?



Hi Nicolas!
Did you always start the exercises using the challenge tile or did you also select them via explore tab or were the exercises also assigned as skill improvements from coach?

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Always started thru challenges menu.
Those challenges are always in addition of my program, that why I am always using challenges menus to launch them