Workouts from Training journeys not counted for challenges?

Are workouts from Training journeys not counted for challenges?

Why not?

Hey Stefan :wave:t2:

No, they are not counted.

You shouldn’t look at the challenges as something that is part of your regular Coach assigned training. They are meant to be done in addition to this training. Of course, that is part of the challenge :muscle:t2:


And also not for PB …?

Sorry Stefan, I don’t fully understand the follow up question-what do you mean?


Today I got 8x Box Jumps as an improvement. Afterwards I checked under Single Workout and my PB was not recorded there.

Ah, ok, I understand :+1:t2:

No they won’t count-essentially any exercises recorded as part of a Skill Progression won’t count towards a PB. This also is the same for exercises in any intervals.

The aim of exercises in the Skill Progressions, isn’t to do them as fast as possible to set a “Personal best”-it is dedicated time in your session to focus completely on the exercise technique.

Hope that is clear.


I do agree when comes to anything Coach related. On the other hand, let’s take the current Pushup Challenge. If I decide, for the fun of it, to go for Venus to get 200 reps in, that would be not considered either, and that’s not correct. Same goes with self created Intervals.

If we agree anything Coach related won’t be taken into account for Challenges, anything else should, and that’s something I would expect to be fixed in the future.