Delay community challenges

I’m doing a pushup challenge and noticed a delay when I do pushup from a couch session.
The amount only is added to the challenge after another individual push workout.

Today I have done 20 + 4×5 pushups but the challenge was not updated, then I did 30 more (individual workout) and the challenge was updated but only added 50 reps instead of 70.

Is this the expected behavior?

Yes, ist is. The challenges are additional to the coach.

But why did it counted 20 from the session and the 30 after the session?

Did you select any of the pushups using the challenge interface?

Yes I did, just 30 reps. In the end the challenge counted 50 reps. Not 70 or 30.

How did you do the 20 other reps? I assume as “finisher” ecercise (for time) and not in an Interval, as Skill Improvement or Workout.

Today’s session.

Exercises in intervals and god workouts aren’t count for challenges, they never were and I guess they never will (because challenges are additional to coach).
Finisher Exercises (not sure about Skill Improvements) have the same raw data structure as exercises you choose manually, so (if Freeletics didn’t change database structure in the last three years what I assume) there isn’t any possibility to divide them and that’s why these ones are taken into account for challenges.

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