Changing ranked goals


I’ve ranked my goals to see which journey is recommended. In an older version of the app it was possible to change this ranking. For example I would like to see what is recommended when I switch the ranking order but the option to play with this seems to be gone. Could someone please tell me where I can change my goals before selecting the next journey?

Thanks a lot,


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Hey Uwe,

The goals really only help the Coach to suggest an initial Training Journey. If these change after you input them, then you just need to change your Training Journey according to the goal you want to achieve, for example if you wish to lose weight, you would select one of the journeys in the “Lose weight” carousel.


to change the ranking order, you’ll have to remove the existing ones and re-add them. Currently you’d have to send an email to support and ask them to reset it for you.

I requested it some time ago, so it could help you redefine them

No, we can’t do this :point_up:t2: You can get asked these when you complete a Training Journey-but it’s not something the team can do. You just need to change journey :+1:t2:


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even whey you reset your training journey? I remember doing something like this about 2 years ago :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hey ricardo, I cannot reset the training journey other than selecting another one . There is however no option given to adapt my training goals. In an older version of the app this worked by just going back and adapting them when selecting a new journey. Again, this option is unfortunately not available which is rather sad as it would help a lot to tailor training. Any idea how this could work? Thanks a lot! Uwe

Hey Uwe!

Unfortunately, as I recalled, I sent an email to support asking to reset my training journey and it was gone.

One thing that I don’t know if would work is to delete the app and data and start from scratch, since Freeletics remembers past journeys, but I think (not sure though), reinstalling the app and having removed cached data, could work.

Or even better, emailing support and asking for the right guidance on how to proceed.

As Ben said before: the only way to change these goals (only needed for suggestions which journeys would fit these goals) is by starting a new Journey.
If you just want to see these suggestions because you don’t know which journey to choose after the actual one, I really don’t understand why not to wait after finishing the actual one?

Thanks melaLetics. Just to clarify, I have finished my journey and I was about to select a new one. All I wanted is to rank my goals, see what the app suggests, go back, reshuffle the ranking, see how the suggestion changes. This was once possible but send not to work. I am off course capable simply starting the journey I like and I have done so but playing with these goals would quench my curiosity.



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I agree with Uwe. I’m also very curious about what the coach would recommend me, changing on my goals. My goals don’t change, no, but I’m just curious how it would respond.

It would just offer you a suitable Training Journey from the respective carousel.

You can see the journeys this might be in the Coach settings.

You don’t need the Coach to do this-you can do it yourself at any time if you want to switch up your training :+1:t2: