Recommended training journey


I am in the Hell week for my first freeletics journey, so I have to choose the next one.

In the coach section → training journey I see a " recommended by the coach" journey

It is a real personnalized recommendation for me, myself and I, based on my progress ( or lack of) or is it just the promotion of a journey without connection to my personal progression ?

Thanks in advance

That’s a suggestion according to your three main goals (like reduce stress, getting fit, loosing weight, building strength) you’ve chosen in order to select your actual journey.

May i know if it’s possible to change these goals? I don’t see any option in the app to do so

I can change these after every Hell Week and before starting a new journey.


Hey Sushi :wave:t2:

It’s not really possible to change these during a Training Journey (TJ), but you can essentially do the same thing by simply changing your current TJ.

All the TJs are classified by goal-so depending on what you want to focus on, all you have to do is choose the best TJ for you :+1:t2:

As an example, lets say my current goal is to build some muscle and I’m doing Barbell Gain :weight_lifting_man:t2: , but 8 weeks in I decide I want to lose weight. I simply would change my current TJ accordingly :running_man:t2:


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Thanks for the replies! I understand now :smile:

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