Changing the coach

By mistake I choose the wrong training journey, I don’t have the equipment, and now I’m stuck with it for 12 weeks.
How can I change it?

Hey @Jorgie81

Just choose a new one! Maybe just a bodyweight one if you don’t have any equipment :wink:

You can tap in to all the available training journeys in the Explore tab.

Hope that helps!

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I can’t find where to change it.
If someone can guide me. It’ll be really annoying having to change everyday.

I’m not on my phone otherwise I would take a screenshot-it’s on the Explore tab though. I think somewhere towards the bottom-look for Training Journeys or something similar.


Found it.
Awesome, you’re a legend, cheers

Ah nice one! What did you choose to do in the end?

Fit for life :wink:

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