Changing workouts and time bug

For several months now I have been seeing a bug that I have also already reported twice through the app, but nothing has changed, so I am wondering if reporting it here may change anything. Many times, when I request my coach to change my workout because of time constraints, it gives me an even longer workout. Today, my workout was supposed to take something around 60 minutes. I told the coach I only had 45 minutes and he gave me a workout of 55-70 minutes. If I tell him I only have 30 minutes, he gives me a workout of 22-29 minutes, but he also removes most of the more challenging exercises. It doesn’t happen all the time, seems a bit random, but it is quite frequent. I have reinstalled the app several times in the meantime and nothing changed, so it wont be related with that. Because of this, I would like to give a suggestion: I think the user should be able to change the workouts to some point: the coach gives us what he thinks will be better for us, but we could have the power to change the number of series or repetitions. Same way as we can change the weight when working with barbells and dumbbells. The problem, as it is now, is that we either complete the longer workout, which we might not have time for, or we replace it with a much shorter and possibly less interesting one. If we try to follow the original workout and need to finish it earlier, the only option is to cancel the workout entirely.

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That does sound strange :cry: Can you share a link to a screen recording the next time this happens to you? Does happen when trying to adapt a weighted session or a bodyweight one?


Hi Ben. Thank you for your reply. Follow this link to see what i mean. It happens with bodyweight workouts.