Exercise Duration

How do you get the Freeletics App AI to adjust the exercise sessions duration?

I have been doing the Kettlebell Basics and just finished Phase 1. The exercise sessions are getting longer and longer to one hour and more.

I would prefer the exercise sessions to be no more than 45 minutes in total.

Thank you

Hi @hwangchihong and welcome to the forum!

I never did the Kettlebell or Dumbbell Journey so I’m not sure: are you able to use the Quick Adapt to shorten a session?
And are the sessions longer due to the amount of exercises and the suggested duration of an interval or are you slowing down due to weight?

Yes, the app says its meant to increase my endurance but I dont have so much time in the day for each exercise session.

I tired to adjust the training duration through the Coach section but it only allows me to input “I only have 15 minutes today” Which is odd.

I am pretty sure this is to do with your weight maxing out, and the Coach assigning exercises for a longer time. As an example, if my max weight is 25kg, and the Coach assigns me a KB exercise for 30 seconds and I tell the Coach it was too easy, the Coach will make my next workout longer as there isn’t a higher weight to give me.

What weights are you being assigned and which weights do you have set in your settings?

Thank you. This makes sense. My heaviest Kettlebell (KB) is 12kg which the app is assigning. It also assigns 8kg weights. I have two 12kg KBs, two 8kg KBs and one 6kg KB.

The app has only assigned single KB exercises but not two KBs exercises so far. Perhaps I’m not at an advanced enough phase.

One thing I’ve done is to not exercise through the whole exercise duration but skip the rest period to shorten the overall exercise duration. I guess this messes up the AI but I’ve no choice.

Any other suggestions?