Customising Time for Coach workouts

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I’d love for the coach to ask me the maximum amount of time available for each workout in the same way it asks what days I’m available.

For example , I could consistently to 5x50 minute workouts every week as opposed to 2 X 60 and 1x 30. My sessions always take 10 minutes longer than the suggested time. So if I were able to just say to the coach "Hey , give me exercises that I can do in 50 minutes " then I know I can complete the workout in an hour before work and can actually do all of my sessions. When it says a session is going to take “63mins” I know for me that’s slightly longer and I won’t be able to finish it all in time. I’d much rather spread more out across the week.

I’m using android and the “adapt my session” feature currently doesn’t work for me. It only allows me to adapt my session to a 15 minute session which is far too short.

Thanks for your time

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I see what you mean, just wondering if you are in an Hardcore Journey. This is the only one which only gives you 15 mins as an adapt option. All the others journeys allow users to choose also 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins…

Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate your help .

I’m currently on Barbell Gain. Is this a hardcore journey? If so, what would be the best option to build the most muscle that still allows me to be more flexible with the times?

Hi @carl-francis , the hardcore journey is another program, but you’re right, the equipment-specific journeys currently only have the 15 min option and as you may have noticed, this option also only give you a bodyweight workout.

I think this feature have already been requested but it’s always better to have multiple post about it.
I totally agree, it would be great to have a bit more flexibility around training time/duration and not get ride of the equipment while doing it.

As an example, having supersets instead of one exercise per set could reduce the time without impacting the overall volume of a session!


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Hi Tom, now in dumbbells Journey is possible to ask the coach for a shorter weight session.
I wrote a post about it one or two months ago. :blush:

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Oh awesome! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: