Chose gender of coach

Hi there.
How to change the gender of the coach in videos to be male (and not female)?

Hi @emailofsharp, there is no option to change the gender of the athlete shown in exercise video. These are elaborately produced from all angles - with real people.

Why though? Curious. The movements are essentially the same.

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Understood. It is a shame though, and that is basic preference which should be implemented in your app.

i don’t see the problem. it could be a robot showing and that would not change the technique. i also feel like those kind of requests only come from men tbh…


And no answer to the question ‘why’ :person_shrugging: Shame, because this is the kind of information that enables people to understand the root problem and help

I guess the why it is not possible is that Freeletics would need to shoot all the videos twice, from all the angles in high resolutions. Which would double the budget allocated to this side of the business as these are real atheletes.
The video is there to show the correct movement, I personaly don’t care if it is a man, woman, or robot indeed.

The video is there to show the correct movement, I personaly don’t care if it is a man, woman, or robot indeed.

150% agree !!

But the fact that these people are real athletes is not always a real advantage, having normal people doing the exercices would be more realistic.
In the French Facebook group (and likely some other country groups too) some people do video of themselve doing their workout and it’s very interesting to see real people and not real athletes showing the movement

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Sorry, but I don’t see the difference between real people and real athletes, because everyone doing this crazy shit the coach assigns to us is a real athlete :person_shrugging:
@dorian is one of the most popular face in the app and - believe me - he really exist (so is real people).


I agree with melaLetics, real Freeletics athletes ARE real people :wink:

What we ultimately need to see, is someone performing the exercise with perfect technique, so we can better understand what the correct technique is and try our best to achieve it.

I definitely don’t want to see my friend (let’s call him Frank) perform them on video in the app, because I’ve seen Frank in-person, and his technique is pretty bad, so I wouldn’t advice anyone to learn from it :smiley: (sorry Frank, I love you)


The difference is the difference between a perfect execution that is out of reach of a lot of people (including me) and a correct one.

For the app I understand the focus on the perfect execution, but on the various video issued by Freeletics I’ve found only one with an average guy, he is old, he is fat [ ]

I’m sorry if this is out of the scope of the thread, but as a Freeletics customer (I’ve a lifetime subscription) I find that it’s a pity that Freeletics feels prisoner of his spartan image "no pain no gain”… and other marketing bullsh…. (if someone knows anything positive that it is possible to gain without pain please tell me) that leads to create the image that Freeletics is only for high level athletes. That is counter productive and in some aspects funny because high level athletes don’t need Freeletics, normal people do, and Freeletics because of its very clever algorithm (the coach) is totally designed for normal people.

I’m old (64 last month) I’ve a lot of physical issues (accident during a bicycle competition a few years ago) and Freeletics, because It’s not by very far only designed for high level athletes made me do things that I would never dare to think that I was capable of.

So to answer @Sofia , I’m ok to have Dorian as a reference, but I would be very interested to see Franck perform (as long as he does the movement with a good form).


@LStelie I would also welcome more diversity concerning shape and age at Freeletics app or ads.

To be honest, the execution shown in the videos isn’t always perfect - because real people / real athletes do them. Just have a look at the jump rope videos - the technique is correct but not perfect.
And according to a lot of comments in Social Media even the shown Strict Pull-ups aren’t good enough for a lot of guys thinking that the back is still too round when executed. So the difference between “perfect” and “good” is a thing of point of view.

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Especially the kettlebell executions are very poor in the app so, no they definitely do mistakes in the app…

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Are there any plans to introduce this option in the future? This would be a very desirable update for many users.

Any idea of the costs of producing such videos?
So no, I guess there is no chance this will ever be implemented. And there is no reasonably reason “why”.

Hi everyone, we hear your wish for more diverse Coaches! Forwarding it to our team :hugs:

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Thank you - hopefully there will be a positive reaction to this obvious request.

There is a very clear reason why one should be able to choose their personal trainer. It is very strange for an ambassador of this app (whatever that means) to fail to acknowledge that.
Whoever disagrees to that is limited in their view or completely blind.

Ah, I guess this is the misunderstanding. The videos are a demonstration of the movements not your coach. The coach itself is without avatar or something else.


There is no misunderstanding. The demonstration of the movements is integral part of the package which you cannot separate by just saying it. The point that you should be able to choose who (male/female) shows you the movements is just a basic option which should be made available to the user.