Clothing recommendations for outdoor training during the fall & winter?

Hey hey! As the chilly winds of fall and winter approach, I find myself braving the cold for my early morning workouts at the park.

Today, with temperatures dipping below 10°C/50°F, I realized my usual gear isn’t cutting it.

Anyone else training outdoors during these colder months?

I’d love to hear your clothing recommendations!

Layering and technical materials.

Sweat-wicking T-shirt + long-sleeve shirt for warmth + jacket on top.
Long trousers or leggings.
If the weather gets colder, you might want to add a beanie and gloves.

Wear all layers to stay warm on your way to/from the park. During your workout, remove top layers one by one if you get too hot.

Use sweat-wicking materials for comfort. Avoid simple cotton shirts as they can get wet and make you feel cold.

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