Coach feedback in kettlebell program

Hi all,

I recently started the kettlebell fundamentals journey and even though I, in general ,enjoy it I have my doubts whether my coach feedback is actually processed.
When I tell the coach that a specific excerise with a specific weight was too easy, I would expect that that excercise would come back at some point with a different weight or a longer time to perform but this is not the case.
For example: Last week I indicated that the Kettlebell Sumo Pulls with the 8kg kettlebell for 30 seconds is too easy, expecting an update in the future training sessions but today I got the exact same excercise with the exact same weight and time in the exact same routine.
Why is that? The coach knows I have different weights available.
Anyone else having the same experience?

Same here.

I already posted about it if that helps.


Hey Norbert :wave:t2:

Can I just ask you to confirm what weights you have enabled in your equipment? :point_down:t2:


Hi Ben,

Yes, I did insert a range of 8 to 24 kg kettlebells in the equipment section of the app.

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Thanks for confirming this :+1:t2: So progression at low weights can be a bit slow, as an extreme example, think about increasing the difficulty by 10% for an exercise using a 1kg Kettlebell compared to a 10kg Kettlebell. Now the Coach progression isn’t a % increase but it’s easy to see here that progression at smaller weights is sometimes not so visible.

This would be my advice here :point_down:t2:

Next time you go to start this exercise use the in-training Coach feedback option to tell the Coach you want to use a bigger weight. Try using a bigger, for example a 10kg KB if you have one. Give the Coach the feedback as normal at the end of the session.

So in the example below, I change the weight for Kettlebell Swings from 20kg to 25kg, before starting the exercise.


Hey @Xiropillo

What KB weights do you have enabled in your equipment settings?


I have 12 and 16 kgs. I am now in the 29th session of 42 and this level is supposed to use lower weights but more repetitions.
I have used 16 kgs kettlebell not more than 4 times or less while for example during swings my feedback most of the time has been that the weight was low when using 12 kgs.

Any plan about when this big and dangerous issue is being fixed?

Now I am on week 34 of 42 and each day it gets worst.

From week 1 I am telling to the coach that the weight is too much and not only this is not reduced although I have 12 and 16 kgs and workouts could be reduced or changed, but this week I am asked to use 16 kgs in the same exercises that I am reporting as too much weight.

I am getting injuries in my hands, forearms due to high weight movement and I am now with problems with my shoulder. THANK YOU FREELETICS.

Everyweek same exercises with same weights, Turkish Get Ups, Push Jerks demanding more weight (16) when I reported 12kgs to be too much.

Did anyone in Freeletics thought about the dangerous update and training journey that they launched?

I am not ending this journey. This is the first time that I cut a training. But I prefer not finishing this round instead of getting injured.

Looking for other app alternatives. Any suggestion?


One more thing, What is the meaning of paying a full subscription for a coach that is not working so I need to change manually weights, adapt exercises and alternate workouts? Is like going to the gym, paying for a trainer and being alone without experience. No thanks.

Hey @Xiropillo :wave:t2:

First of all, I have to strongly advise you to listen to your body: you should not continue to perform any exercise that is inducing injury. If a weight ever feels excessive then you should use a lower weight.

I understand from your various posts a number of things-please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. You are being assigned Turkish Get-Ups (I’ll call them TGU from now on) at 12 kg and are finding this difficult.

The Coach can’t assign you a lower weight for this exercise if 12kg is the lowest weight you have. We really recommend that you have a range of weights available to you in your Coach settings. With a range of weights, the Coach will be able to assign lower weights if you indicate they are too difficult.

The nature of TGUs can be a little challenging and there are some tips here I can share with you. Try to do this outside of your training sessions for a few minutes whenever you can:

  • Review the tutorial video for the TGU in the explore section carefully
  • Perform the TGU very slowly and without weights, while breaking down every step of the movement. The cues, as well as the video, can help here too
  • If you are able to perform situps and reverse lunges you really should not be limited by the difficulty of this exercise. It’s mainly the sequence of movements that can be a bit tedious
  • Repeat the above 2 points until you can perform the movements in a continuous fashion
  • Try to perform it within the app using a weight that feels appropriate to you-I would really recommend you think about trying to get a few extra weights to widen the weights your Coach can use. 2 weights really is a minimum, but the amount the Coach can progress, or even pull back, your progression is severely limited here.
  • Give the coach the right post-workout feedback.
  1. You are being assigned Push Jerks at 16kg despite giving negative feedback that this weight is too excessive. I will send you a PM about this and what you need to be aware of here.

Just regarding this :point_up:t2: You absolutely should feel able to take a short break from your Training Journey. It’s something we could stress more of: the importance of knowing your body and listening to it. By doing this, you will often be back to full training much more quickly than if you struggle through training with a few niggles. It can also be a good opportunity to explore some of the other workouts available in the Explore tab.


I have similar issues but the biggest issue is the long workout time. 72 minutes? And of that 30 minutes of Kettlebell rows? Come on. And if I opt for a shorter workout it only offers 15 minutes and that also doesn’t process.

Hey Warren :wave:t2: Welcome!

Again, what weights have you got enabled in your Coach settings?

This can only be happening because the Coach is assigning you this exercise at a low weight. If there is not a suitable next weight to progress to, the only way the Coach can make this exercise harder is by increasing the time spent doing the exercise. What weight is the Coach assigning you this exercise at?


Thank you, that is a valid point. I have 6, 8 and 20 kilo. The coach assigns 8 kilo. What weight would you recommend I get to close the 8 to 20 gap? Thanks!

Hey again Warren :wave:t2:

Ok, so the 6 and 8 kg weights really are rather low. As a general recommendation, we would only ever recommend an 8 kg KB to female Athletes who are very new to training. An intermediate weight for them would then be around 12 kg, and advanced Athletes would start off around 16 kg.

For male Athletes these weights would start off for beginners at 12 kg, and then move up to 16 and 24 kg weights.

Hope that helps-it sounds like you may have been training for a while, so I would suggest trying out a weight at either 12 kg or 16 kg, but for sure the 2 weights at the lower end that you currently have really are very low.

The more weights that you have access to, generally the better your progression from one weight to another will be.


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Thank you!

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