Combine running and weight training

Hi I have been training with the running journey.Now i want to combine weight training with it . How can I do so

Hi @Sahilg and welcome to the forum!

There isn’t a way to purely have weights and running only. WHat you can do is the Hybrid Running Journey which is a mix between a Running Journey and a Bodyweight Journey, and add dumbbell, kettlebells and plates as equipment in your Coach setting. This way the Coach will assign intervals including weights exercises in your bodyweight days.

Another option is to go with the Hybrid Strength Journey and opt in the option to have Run integrated, in your Coach Settings. However, the Running volume will be much less. This options will only get you some more God workouts that have runs in them, rather than pure running intervals days.

I hope that helps!


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Hi @Sahilg - Welcome to the Forum! @TomG covered it perfectly. I recently went with the Hybrid Running option and added kettlebells to it. It is a good way to start adding some strength training to a running journey, but is not quite as strength focused as most people would like (including myself).

A Hybrid weights, bodyweight, running journey has been requested a few times and hopefully Freeletics will release a way to better tackle this goal in the future.


What’s your purpose combining running and weights?
Support your running technique or gaining on the upper body.
As the others already mentioned, there is no weights&running journey yet, but you can focus on the overall goal with the journey and add workouts to your needs.