Hybrid training

Hey Guys!

So I am currently training 6 times per week. 3 running and the other 3 days using freeletics… I used the hybrid program so far with 4 days ( I was running only 2 days at that time) and it was two days weights and two body weight, in one there were only gos’s wo.
Now, I am following the journey with just weight and I miss training with just body weights, pulls up, handstands etc…

Do you guys have any suggestions which program I should do next? Is freeletics thinking of implementing on option to tell (like in the hybrid program) how many days you wanna use weight or not?

As I wanna keep running 3 days per week, I don’t need wo with a lot of cardio (maybe just once in a while)… I’d need the one that would help me keeping my muscle and even increase a bit.

Thanks for your suggestions and help!

Have fun :wave:t3:

Hey @Fausto93 , welcome to the forum! If you want to train with bodyweight only and focusing on strength, I would recommend the weight-free gain journey!