Correct way for coach feedback

I’m did the first workout of dumbbell gain today and now I’m wondering what’s the correct way for coach feedback if the weights are too heavy or too light. I’ve seen the following two ways:

  • press the black coach button while the workout is running and e.g. change from 15 repetitions to 10, if I’ve only achieved 10 e.g. in the last set
  • keep it on 15 although I only managed to do 10 and when the workout is done, give feedback that the workout was too hard

What’s the right way? If I change it with the first option, would I still feedback “was too hard” although I managed the workout with the repetitions I set?

I would always rate what I log. If you increase or decrease repetitions or weights - what ist logged in your feed? The original unchanged interval or your modificated one? Give honest feedback to this.

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Its showing the “logged” values in the log, meaning 10 instaed of 15. Im still kind of confused about this to know whether Im rating the original reps in the end or the ones i’ve really done - but I see your point, thank you!

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Have you seen this article before, maybe it can be useful for you. How does the coach learn, it would be better if someone else could answer the question :))