DAS score breakdown (strength)

Hi all

I’ve been training consistently for just over 3 months now and my DAS strength score doesn’t seem to improve much at all.
Would it be due to my training journey perhaps?
Currently I an on a HIIT and run journey. Before it i started with 15 minute fitness, so this would be my second journey which is almost done.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.


The DAS is still quite new, and probably has some issues. For me, it doesn’t seem very accurate either.

Strength metric is highly dependent to some exercises. Read this blog post for further information (it’s about how the DAS is calculated and what to do to increase).

I see, this means I should consider strength based journey for future.

My goal so far was to lose excess body fat, getting my fitness and consistency back.

Any recommendations which journey would be the best suited for strength without using weights?

Looking to get a set of dumbbells in the future but for now just bodyweight.

As far as I know you could just add e.g. some pushups (more than ten) as exercises or a God Workout (e.g. Venus, Charon,…) to your regular coach sessions. This also will have impact to DAS.

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I could definitely try that while still on current journey and see if there would be any improvements.