Strength Score inconsistency

I have seen my strength score decline from 70 to 24 in a few days. Not sure why this is, as I am doing the programmed weight and reps. Have others got this issue?

Hi @all1 , I am not 100% sure on this one, to be honest. Have you missed a day of training by any chance?

Tom, thanks. For reply. No, I’ve been 100% consistent for past 95 days.

Metrics are
Performance 56
Performance skill 71
Performance speed 72
Performance strength 24
Consistency 99

I am nearing the end of my dumbbell journey where previous I’ve been seeing strength scores 70+, now it’s 24. I’ve not reduced any weights on the journey. Additionally I doing some barbell set
routines but again these are not lightweight exercises (c 60kg)

Hi @all1 , I’ve just read this post in the Blog:

It says it will only considers sets of 10 reps or less, have you been assign 10+ reps by any chance in the last few sessions?

If not, it might be a bug worth raising with the help/support channel.

Yes, most of my journey routines are multiple sets of greater than 10 reps. Example 5 sets of 16 reps of dumbbell cleans.

So why the rule? Is this a bug or does this mean that I should always aim to increase weight to achieve up to 10 reps? If so why does the app not request I do less reps with more weight. The app knows that I have the higher weights available.

Hi @Ben and @Lara , would you know anything about the above?

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Hey @all1 :wave:t2:

We’re still iterating the DAS feature, it’s still relatively very new!

We do have updates planned that will increase this 10 rep limit :+1:t2: I’ll try and share news about this when it’s included in a future release.


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Thanks Ben. I’m not convinced it’s the 10 rep rule as my Dumbbell journey has consistently been over 10 rep sets. I think it’s more likely something of a glitch.


I have seen that the performance score has been updated, and now breaks the score into 4 groups > push, pull core and body. Since I am only scoring on push (97) and nothing else, so only 1 of 4 groups, thats why my overall score is 24. This make more sense,


Hey there, I totally get how frustrating it must be to see your strength drop so dramatically, especially when you’re sticking to your workout plan. It’s like, you’re doing all the right things, but still, something’s off…

So, here’s the deal: there could be a few things at play here. Have you been eating and hydrating enough? Sometimes, our bodies need extra fuel to keep up with intense workouts. And let’s not forget about sleep—quality shut-eye is crucial for muscle recovery and performance.

Oh, and speaking of workouts, have you changed up your routine recently? Sometimes, even small tweaks can throw our bodies off balance. Or maybe there’s some extra stress in your life that’s affecting your strength levels.

If this keeps up, it might be worth chatting with a trainer or a healthcare pro to dig deeper. And hey, don’t forget to tune in to what your body’s telling you—it’s often pretty good at giving clues about what it needs.