New Member: what happens after I finish a challenge?

I’m new /started at the end of November. I finished my first Challenges. Some before the finish date and some were every day Challenges and are over now. They are still on my Coach site. Do I have to leave them or will they disappear?

Thank you


Hey again :wave:t2:

Nice one :muscle:t2: Are you also doing the January Burpee Challenge? We seem to have had a lot of Burpees lately :rofl:

Um, this actually sounds pretty strange and isn’t would be expected to be honest :thinking: Can you throw some screenshots of your Coach tab and a couple of the finished challenges below?


Some are gone now. So probably it takes some days. Two had a timeline till the 10th.
I’m still working on pushups, so Burpees are not possible for me right now :sweat_smile:

I do squats, crunches etc. I also did a core challenge and ground supermen

These challenges will disappear after they reached their last “due date”. In the case of the screenshoted one on February, 1st.

What @melaLetics said @Weezy1189 :point_up:t2:

It’s probably not super clear, but the challenges should (key word there of course being “should”:crossed_fingers:t2:) disappear from the Coach tab after the end date.

If they are hanging around the Coach tab for a long period after the end date we would definitely want to look in to that a bit more.

Nice one :muscle:t2: I haven’t started this months Burpee challenge yet myself…I hope I don’t wait until the last day like I did back in November :see_no_evil:


Thx…one last question about the challenges.
What happens if I leave
the challenge. Is it like I didn’t do it?
I’m always confused which challenge is still to do and when I take a look and go back, I’m back at the top of the site

It really doesn’t help that they have all the same pic :sweat_smile:

I’m scared of burpees…when I see the burpee challenges I’m like “yeah, great! I give up before I start”. My goal for the next 6 month are good clean pushups. I haven’t made one in my lifetime. Shoulder and Chest are too weak and my center too heavy :sweat_smile:

I’ll ask a different question: what do you expect from a challenge?
At the end of a challenge there is no ClapClap, no badge - nothing. Challenge is Just about a challenge. :wink:

With some challenges (official ones from Freeletics) there is a badge - but you get it directly as soon as you have completed the challenge.

You can leave all challenges at any time - whether you’ve done it or not.

Ah ok. I’m new and after one month I got the summary clip with no challenges etc. So some things in the App are still undiscovered by me and I don’t know exactly what’s right or wrong or what consequences it can have.

Till now I’m surprised how good this app works for me and I succeeded already a lot. No weight-loss (I gained 3 kg) even though I’m heavy but I’m definitely stronger, have more balance and I’m more ambitious! So I’ll move on…
Thx for the information!

Hello Weezy1189,
take your time. It took me half of a year to finish my first one-handed-pushup. :shushing_face: Regarding to your weight-gain, did you just have the fitness-app or do you have the bundle with nutrition-coach? Doing sport is one side of the coin. The other one is the proper food. It helps me a lot.
I see a lot of strength excercises. These are good to build up strength. If you really want to lose weigth, participate in condition excercises. Smooth jogging or running. The distance is not importing. Just start 1m, 10m, 100m … till the You will be suprised how fast you see better results. Be aware, running could be the hardest challenge in your life, but it is worth it. You will love it, when you succeed. Keep going. Rome was not build in one day :wink: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :muscle:

Hi Tino,

I just have the fitness app because I follow the strict keto diet. I have insulin resistance and Hashimoto. I lost already 75 kg with it but I gained weight (25 kg) 'cause I don’t have a portion control (binge eater). I do omad that’s the easiest way for me. I’m under frequently control of my doctors.

Weight-loss is not my main goal. I wanna distract my mind off bad thoughts and gain strength. When I do cardio I’m too focused on pain or get bored and I have to leave the house.

On weekends I do 2 till 3 hours walks (without sticks but faster than casual walking) before I do the strength workout.
I can run slowly 4 till 8 km without training but I really don’t like it. It’s just my stupid head. It needs to do something too. Like counting or prepare the next exercise or what workout is next…somebody would have to run next to me and ask me questions or distract me :sweat_smile:

I rather work on my pushups, standups and Burpees :joy: hate them too but I’m more proud about strength than cardio

We’ll see how far I’ll come. Right now I’m super motivated and totally happy what I already succeeded.

Do you run marathon/mammut etc? I volunteer at those events and I am always impressed about the performance!

Hey Weezy,

Ah ok I got you. Sorry for my misunderstanding. It’s like you said: „It‘s just my stupid head.“
Today I finished my 16km run. My head always want to think and I let him think, but my focus is still on my breath. I follow straight my own rythm: 4 steps inhale, 4 steps exhale. Its a kind of meditation for me. It works wonderful. My last marathon was 2004. Now I‘m training for a new one. I want to know where my limits are. Especially 19 years later :innocent:
I‘m impressed when women makes push ups or burpees. Keep doing it!
When motivation is falling, lay your focus on disciplin. No excuses :clap::pray:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Best regards :+1:

I’m still working on pushups, so Burpees are not possible for me right now


You may want to try it and you could surprise yourself

I’m not good at pushups yet, and I can do burpees.
I’m currently at 120/155 in the challenge.
A burpee is just one push up and this pushup is done in a global movement, more, if you look closely the demonstration video it’s much more a knee pushup than a regular one (I use a regular pushup because in the context of a global movement I fond it easier than a knee pushup, but in reality it seems to be a knee pushup what is comforting at first)


:+1::muscle::muscle::muscle: a friend wants to work on my run technique so I forget the pain and learn to run faster and longer. I still search my motivation for running… I do rather strength exercises! :joy:

Have a good run and maybe we’ll see us at a marathon in Europe

Hi Luc,
I tried it often. I can’t do the down movement. I just fall and for the actual push up I’m still too weak but I’m working on it. Knee pushups are right now my daily exercise and other shoulder/arm and chest exercises! I gonna work on it till I can do clean pushups :muscle:

I had a god workout today with burpees and I tried one…:joy: gravity loves me!
I did Sprawls and knee pushups instead…

I did Sprawls and knee pushups instead

Well, so i’ll tell you a secret (don’t tell anyone) : you can do it or at least are very close to do it

Doing dozen or hundred of burpees requires to be fit, strong, healthy and so on and so on…

Doing one single burpee is mainly a trick, it just requires first to dare doing it (and the first time it’s quite scary, I fell down numerous times before I succeeded) and get confident, then second point, to understand the whole sequence of movements.

If you can do a Sprawl and a knee pushup, you just discovered a specific kind of burpee, let’s call it the « Ikea Burpee » … well… more seriously a burpee in kit.
If you succeed to introduce one knee pushup in the middle of your sprawl… you did it !

You may want to proceed very slowly, trying to separate the various sections of the whole movement

A sprawl is projecting the legs in the back, them getting them back to the front. You may want to try to project your legs to the back, fall slowly on you knees, do a knee pushup then (it will be the difficult part) try to get your knees up (to be in the normal pushup position) and send forth the legs to the front.
It took me a lot of time (and a lot of laughable screw ups) to do my first burpee, but once you have internalized the movement, it’s far less difficult that it seems. What is difficult is to repeat and repeat and repeat… to do a long serie of burpees, but it’s another story.

Good luck


Hey Luc and Weezy,
What a interessting explanation. Thumbs up.
When I read it, I was thinking about inchworm pushups. May you try this kind of pushup. You will see how far you get with your hands. You don‘t need to complete it. May you handle half of the way. Thats enough. When you reach the plank -position. Try to hold it as long as you can. If it is too hard make knee pushups. Repeat it over and over.
The only limits you have are the gravity and your brain :wink:

Hi Tino and Luc,

I had to look up what the inchworm pushup is.
My problem is that my center (belly) is really heavy and my arms are too weak to push up or go down under control. I can do knee pushups but not more than 15. I have to work on my upper body strength!
I have strong legs and a really strong back but my overweight concentrate only on my belly.

I tried the ikea burpee…I’ve definitely have to work on this. The sprawls already make me breathless and the pushup always ends with me laying on my belly slightly frustrated that I can’t do the pushup…but I’m at the start…I just started my second workout round to build up strength (2 months in total right now)…
End of the year I wanna be able to do pushups and burpees.

Thank you for your support! :blush:


Great job @Weezy1189 ! When it comes to strength training there is no secret, consistency is key!
Keep practicing and you’ll be able to achieve your goal in no time!

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