Getting streak badges: workaround?

Hello, I am gonna get my 40 weeks streak badge this week. The issue is: during summer I am doing long-distance hikes, sleeping outside and moving through natural parks with no huts, often no roads, not having any regular place to train Freeletics. Does it mean my streak have to go to zero again? Or is there a workaround? Thanks!

Don’t fall for the marketing

At the end of the day it’s just a badge.
As long as you come back to your training you win 100%


But to answer the question I don’t think there is a workaround. if you skip a week you lose your streak.
Only thing I can think of is to reduce your schedule to minimum which is 2 days per week and you do those 2 days your streak will continue.

That was not the question, nakhlamina - I like badges, didn’t came here for this kind of wisdom, guys. :slight_smile:

Dark, thank you, I get it. That seems like the only way. Thanks!

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you can reduce it to just 2 days per week and adapt the sessions to just 15 minutes and much easier difficulty.
this should be doable besides hiking :slight_smile: