Difference between Training Journeys

Hi guys! Yesterday I completed my Weight-Free gain Journey, and now I want to start the next one.
After introducing my 3 top goals, the Coach recommended me this same journey. It was fun, and I would gladly do. it once more, but could you give me some advices on maybe some other journeys you have took after weight-free gain? Just want to try something different. Weight-free for growing muscles, endurance and stress reduction. I was looking at Balanced burn, everyday strength, strength and stamina, explosive strength but didn’t really know the difference.
Would be great full for your suggestions.

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Hey @Maks :wave:t2:

First of all, huge :clapclapstatic: for completing Weights Free Gain! :muscle:t2:

So, first thing I would say here is repeating this Journey does not mean that you repeat everything that you have done first time round-the progress that you make throughout your journey will mean that if you do repeat Weights-Free, it’s more of a progression than a “repeat”.

I’m doing Shred & Burn at the minute which I could recommend, so if you haven’t done this already I can give it a :+1:t2: :laughing:

Alternatively, if you have access to small weights (Dumbbells or Kettlebells) you could try out one of the new Journeys using these that should be released in to the app next week :partying_face:


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@Ben thanks a lot!
I’m going to try Shred and Burn!