Training Journey for Strength Gain

Hi fellow free athletes,
so my Dumbbell Gain Journey ends next week and my next main goal is to gain strength. My coach recommends me Everyday Strength however there are a few other journeys which are very similar:

I’d like to know the difference between Everyday Strength and Weights-Free Gain for example. Both have the same “What to expect” Keywords and very similar Results like strength increase and mastering complex movements.

I’m not sure about the Explosive Strength Journey which has more cardio involved. I found out that cardio training can indirectly have a positive influence on a strength gain focused training if combined correctly and balanced but it’s not absolutely essential to increase strength (correct me if I’m wrong).

I’d like to know which journey of the three above (or in general) is the best for strength gain. I‘m aware it can have “side effects“ like: losing body-fat, increasing muscle mass, increasing endurance, improving metabolism or even become faster however I don’t (necessarily) seek those results. My main goal is to become the STRONGEST version of myself>:)

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Batman! Love the Avatar :rofl: If you want to be the “strongest” version of yourself then I’m not sure there is anything better than training with some kind of weight, but from what I am aware Weights-free Gain is the closest non-weights Journey to this.

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Thanks Vale xD
Well you’re right that weights journeys increase strength but all of them in the App seem to be focused on muscle(mass) gain, except for Hybrid-Strength and Kettlebell-Fundamentals which also focus on gaining strength and improving muscle endurance & coordination.

Besides I don’t have access to a barbell or kettlebells, so I was looking for a bodyweight training journey anyway🤷🏻‍♂️