App Walkthrough for new users

I have been using freeletics (on and off) for the past six years so I know my way around the app and every new feature is just a small thing for me to learn.
But I feel like every time I introduced someone to freeletics, the app felt kinda hard for them to master and I always felt like a (video?) walkthrough of the app that would launch when you install the app, explaining the different concepts, the ways to adapt your training, how to add/remove equipement, would be really great for new users.

Not really sure what should be shown in this walkthrough, but I think it would make the app easier to use for first-timers!


Hi @ar.despalungue - I have had the exact same experience with introducing FL to new users and completely agree that some sort of video or app walkthrough for first time users would be really helpful.

I agree. I’m a new user and still find it takes me a couple of goes to find and do what I want. I also still feel like I’m not using the app as effectively as I could.

Hey @ar.despalungue, that’s a great point! I feel like we see a lot of questions on the forum that could easily be answered by a quick walkthrough of the app. Such as how to swap/add/remove equipment, tell the coach no to train certain body areas, remove exercises, etc.
A lot of features/options are hidden behind a few buttons. I agree the app looks cleaner but it makes some of the functionalities a bit hard to find for new users. As you said, for veteran, we know a specific option exists, and if it gets moved to somewhere else, we just need to look for it and learn where it now is. But for new users, if they don’t already know a sort of function exist, they don’t know what to look for, if that makes sense.

Great suggestion! Even just a slide show when you first log in would be nice, as a lot of apps already do.