More flexible invites system

Hi, I wanted to propose an improvement idea for the invite system.

Problem: Freeletics offers new users a 30% discount through invite codes. If a new user learns about Freeletics from a friend but finds a higher promotion, they may choose to skip the friend’s code, causing the sponsor to miss recognition. This could potentially make inviting others less motivating.

Idea: Allow new users to use other promotions while still crediting the inviting sponsor, which would improve flexibility and user experience, and could potentially encourage more invitations.


  1. During registration, enable users to enter two codes, applying the highest discount while still crediting the sponsor.
  2. Automatically match the discount to the highest available when an invite is used.
  3. Specify the sponsor after signing up, though this option may be susceptible to abuse.

Curious to hear if any other users have encountered this issue!


Thank you for sharing your idea to improve the referral program.
While allowing multiple promotions sounds indeed appealing, it would, on the other side, not be sustainable. Offering a high discount on the subscription to the person being invited, in addition to providing a gift to the referrer, would result in a process not being possible on a financial side.
Thus, the decision to limit it to 30% discount for invites, which can’t be combined with other promotions.

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Thanks for checking my idea Sylvain. I actually gave some thinking to the numbers and I thought it could work, but it was just an idea. I appreciate you considering it :blush:

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