Doubts with muscle mass

Sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue.
I do the dumbbells program, and I am already at my thirtieth session.
I am looking for muscle mass and I heard that if I want hypertrophy than endurance, I must rather do a sessions of four series at ten or twelve repetitions with heavy weights while progressing and increasing it.
My coach so far asked me for seven series from twenty-four to thirty two repetition, or simply two series with four or five repetitions, always with 10.5 kg.
I do not understand…
How can I progress if the coach tells me to tell the same weights?
Thank you for your help.
I know that I can add repetitions and weight, but why could the coach not suggest it to me for challenge? I’m not looking for endurance but rather hypertrophy, a means that I can get faster mass muscle and that they grow …

Hi @Yvan :wave:t2:

It sounds like the dumbbell weights you have available to you are really rather limited and light.

The Coach really doesn’t “want” to assign you certain exercises for rep counts like 32, but in absence of heavier weights, the only way the Coach can assign a proper training load is by giving the exercise for more reps.

What dumbbell weights do you have activated in your Coach settings? From what you have shared so far, it sounds like you might just have 2 x 10.5kg - you really do need access to a wider range of dumbbell weights than this.


Hey @Ben

What would you suggest is the optimal amount of weight variety one should look into having?
I have one of those adjustable dumbbells, i’m sure they are good for beginner but what is the best option fol later down the road?


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Thank You Ben…I have adjustable dumbbells, and I have a wider range of different dumbbell weights. I will change it in my coach settings and do it again soon.

Hey @Dark :wave:t2: Don’t think we’ve “spoken” in a while :sweat_smile:

Adjustable dumbbells are really great, particularly if you have them at home where they don’t take up as much space. The only real negatives are that they do take a bit of time to adjust, and some people also feel like they aren’t as robust as single dumbbells. If you’ve got a set already, this is probably all you will need until you feel like you need to progress to a heavier set.

For example, the sets we currently have available in our shop, go up to 24 kg each, which is going to be great for most people, but if you want to progress above that that you’ll want a set that give a range of 25-50kg, or perhaps think about slowly adding heavier and heavier single weights as you progress.

Re the “optimal amount of weight variety”, if you’ve got a good set of adjustable dumbbells, the best thing to try is actually to deactivate all of the DB weights you have indicated in your Coach settings. This way the Coach will assume you have access to all the various dumbbell weights that you would find in most gyms, and you’ll get assigned more optimum weights for the various exercises. It’s important to note though that this will only apply in the Dumbbell TJ.

Training with one or two different weights is really sub-optimum for most people, think of the difference in size and strength between certain leg and arm muscles for example. If you have only one weight, that weight might be fine for tricip exercises, but it’s going to be WAY too light for any weighted squats.


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If you’ve got adjustable dumbbells try out the tip I shared in the post above :+1:t2: