Incorrect weight calculation in Dumbell training journey


I think I hit a bug in the Dumbell training journey today.

The app suggested 6 rounds of 36 reps x 70lbs on each hand, which is just impossible for me:

36 reps seem weird, as it usually suggests around 13 or 20.
For weights, it seems like it just maxed out the exercise, as I set that 70lb as the max weight I have for dumbells in the coach settings. I usually work with 20~30lbs for curls.

I know we can adjust the weight and reps manually, but that’s not an easy task as I haven’t found how to check the history for that exercise to properly adjust the weights and reps, and having to manually calculate the weights when this happens kind of defeats the purpose of having the coach.

Would like to know if this could be due to something I did in the coach configs or if it’s indeed a bug and, if so, how can I help this get fixed.

Would appreciate any insight on this.

PD: I just saw this post where the coach also suggests 36 reps for hammer curls, is that how that exercise is intended? With that high reps?

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Hey Daniel :wave:t2:

This is what the Coach intends in your session yes. It’s probably not ideal, but is basically the result of the Coach wanting to assign you the exercise at a higher weight, which you don’t have enabled, and so the only way the Coach can only meet the total training load it wants to give you is to increase the rep count here.

It’s important to remember that the Coach is very progressive, it uses your own feedback to previous workouts to assign future workouts.

Hope that is clearer.


Thank you, Ben!

That’s kind of the problem. Last time I had this exercise a couple of weeks ago, the coach suggested something like15lb or 20lb each hand, no more than 15 reps, and just a couple of rounds (I have to look up the record again, but you get the idea, it was far below what it’s suggesting now).

There’s no way I can do a single rep of 70lb on each hand currently, and I don’t think that jump should be possible even if I told the coach that the exercise was super easy last time (which I didn’t).

Last time I read this forum, I saw some similar cases reported here, like this one and its comments:

I’m almost certain now that this is or was some kind of bug in the coach. The user from that other thread also mentioned having configured the weights he has available, so I’m not sure if that feature is causing these quirks.

Thanks again!

Hey again Daniel,

I’ll look at your training in depth this morning and come back to you :+1:t2:


I’ve sent you a DM @daniel_nava_19 :+1:t2:


So with @Ben help, we found out the cause was that I mistakenly updated the weight to 150lb in last Training session:

Probably I intended to write 15lb, but that happened.

Most likely it got corrected last time I readjusted the weight for that exercise.


Hey @daniel_nava_19,

Just a note on how to proceed, you can change the weight/reps when you do this assigned session to something more reasonable. Maybe something like 2 x 15lbs, 10 reps and give the appropriate feedback at the end. Then the Coach will just move forward based on this, and forget that the 2 x 150lbs ever happened :sweat_smile: