Too many reps with heavier weights

Just started my dumbbell journey and I Think there is something completely off with the coach suggestions. Interval of 7 Rounds of 20x Dumbell squats with 2x20kg! Why? No point to do so many reps with so heavy weights.

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Hi @humanafterall , this may be due to your coach settings and your weights available. If you don’t have a wide diversity of weights available, the Coach will increase the number of reps, if he thinks that the next weight available would be too much of an increase.

Hi, it makes me wonder about the accuracy of the coach because

  1. I have logged a pretty wide range of weights spanning from 5kg to 20kg (image)
  2. During the assessment for each exercise I logged 8reps with varying weights from 10 to 15kg.
  3. The Dumbbell Gain journey goal, is to build muscle, which means less reps more weights. Isn’t this completely off “7 rounds of 20xSquats with 20kg»?

Tom is right here. The Coach would like to assign you a heavier weight, but as there isn’t one available to it, the only way it can progress you based on the previous feedback you gave the Coach, is to increase the total training load by increasing the reps.

It’s essentially the exact same behaviour described here :point_down:t2: In your case you are maxed out at your 20kg pair.

Higher reps/Lower weights also builds muscle effectively as well, what is important is that the high reps are taking you to failure :+1:t2:


Hi @TomG, I see what you mean, but the coach has assigned my max weights available with max reps. From 3-4 set of 8reps x 15kg to 7 sets of 20reps x 20kg is quite “wild” !

Hi @Ben, don’t you think that from 3-4 sets of 8reps x 15kg to 7sets of 20reps x 20kg is way off. Shouldn’t the weights increase on a weekly basis rather than risk injury with so much reps and weights? Furthermore 20kg on each hand is 40kg that’s a pretty heavy load coming from 15kg with significantly lower sets and reps.

Hi @humanafterall, I don’t think it way way off, 15kg is 75% of 20kg. When you warm up for an exercise you would do 50% and your working weight and then 75%. Depending on your feedback to the coach he might have thought that you were able to sustain this jump. But feel free to also use the « C » button to manually adjust the weight if you feel it’s too much.

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