Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Bands in Training Journeys

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I am not sure I completely understand this-can you break it down a bit more?


Hey Ben, and thank you :clap:

Sure, I’ll try. In my Hybrid Strength Journey I usually get one of maybe ~10-15 different intervals on my bodyweight days. Prior to the new feature of adding bands, kettlebell or dumbbell, one of them looked like the attached image. If I would exclude chinups from my training, this would also prevent the coach from giving my this interval, correct?
Now with the new feature I have seen this exact same interval, however with band curls instead of chinups.
So now, even if I would have excluded chinups, coach could give me this interval again, but with band curls.
However, I’m basing my suggestion on the assumption that the “exercise exclusion” feature reduces the pool of available workouts first, and the exchange of - for example - chinups to band curls happens afterwards.
I’m hoping this is a little bit clearer now? If not I’ll try in German :wink:

Friedrich, your English is exceptionally good so there is nothing to worry about there!

Ok, so you are partly correct here :+1:t2:

This :point_down:t2: could happen quite regularly, even in the majority of cases, but there is really no guarantee that this will always be the case. The Coach doesn’t function in a way that it would just always substitute Chin-ups for Band curls.


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Hi again, I have some follow-up feedback on the new feature. Loving it more and more with each new workout :ok_hand: I do however feel that the time estimates are now sometimes inaccurate. Example: I’ve had an interval today which usually contains 6 One-Handed Pushups (6 rounds, time estimate 18-22 minutes which I usually meet). Today however, the 6 OH Pushups were replaced by 18 Band Chest Flies. This version was great, but it took me longer than 18-22 minutes and I think this is because the exercise replacement led to increased reps and longer rounds. A minute more or less isn’t terrible of course, just wanted to let you know about my experience with this.

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Hi Ben, I’m curious as to why KB, DB, and Bands can’t be added to the Hardcore Journey? It’s my favorite journey and I am bummed that this feature was not released for it. I know that the journey is mostly god workouts, but it would be great to get some skill progressions and singe exercises before and after the gods that include resistance.

Hey Adam :wave:t2: How are things?

There are a few reasons for this to be honest-although there is no reason why this couldn’t change in the future.

I think one of the big ones is that we don’t want to make a huge change to what is deliberately our most challenging Training Journey, and very much the epitome of the “Freeletics experience”. This is another reason why there are so few adaptions available-we don’t want to be able to make it easier for example!

Personally, and this is just my own personal opinion, I do think adding in such integrations and adaption options really would detract from the experience that one gets with this Training Journey-it isn’t meant to be like any other Training Journey, it’s Freeletics Hardcore :muscle:t2:

I completely see what you are looking for though, and maybe this is something we’ll need to look at in the future.


I do have to agree with you that Freeletics Hardcore, as it stands, is the most true to the original Freeletics experience (thinking back to the PDF programs) and that is 100% what I love about it. That said, it is also the highest intensity and would love to bring weights into that realm.

Following up, I found that the Strength and Stamina journey is exactly what I was looking for, it’s high intensity, but more intervals so there is room to work weights in.

One last note on the topic of Journeys, I train for OCR, which requires both strength and running. I like the HIIT and Run for weight loss journey for run training but feel like it lacks proper strength progression and never gets me on the pull-up bar. I would love to see a Journey (Maybe HIIT & Run for Athleticism?) that is a running journey with body weight (and now weights if you have them) but with more hardcore or strength & stamina style workouts to train more than just cardio.