Dumbell Gain Equipments

Hi everyone,

ıs there anybody who already completed dumbell gain training ? I wonder what is the required equipment in detail ? For example ı have two dumbells ( 4kg for each one ) and ı think this is not good enough to start this journey but which dumbells also do ı need to buy to start this journey ? I couldnt find detailed answer.

thanks in advance

Hey Tolga! A big welcome to the Community :wave:t2:

Yeah, this is definitely not going to be enough!

As a rough guide we recommend a variety of weights along the below guidelines for Dumbell Gain :point_down:t2:

Male Female
Beginner 7-12kg 2.5-7kg
Intermediate 12-17kg 7-12kg
Advanced 17-22kg 12-17kg

A wide variety of weights will allow the Coach to give you the best and most optimised training experience. Dumbbells can be expensive, so do think about whether adjustable dumbbells may be your best option. It can be fiddly and more time consuming to change weights, but you may be able to get access to a very wide range of weights with something like this.


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many thanks