Adjustable dumbbells?

I have a set of 2x6kg dumbbells.

Now I need some heavier ones in addition.
What do buy? Adjustable ones?
How is the handling because when will I ever need 24kg? How do they work with e.g. renegade rows or crunches?
Or another play. pair of heavier ones? Which ones? I plan to do the dumbbell journey next.
Any suggestions are very welcome.

Hi @stefankoegeler , adjustable dumbbells are a great way to have a variety of weights at your disposal. They are also cheaper than having to buy multiple pairs of dumbbells.
I don’t personally have any, but a friend of mine bought adjustable weights dumbbells and he is doing the dumbbell journey for the 4th time in a row.

while you might not be there yet, 24kg dbs could be used for goblet squat or deadlift! at least you will have the option if it ever comes up.

Individual pairs could be a better options if you’re doing bodyweight journey with added dumbbell as equipments, as you can assign whatever weight you want to use. however, if you’re looking to do the DBs gain journey, a wide variety of weights would be beneficial in my opinion.

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