Dumbell gain journey calculating and informing the weights wrong it seems

Hi Adrian, in my case it was fixed, but about a week or more ago I finished my training journey, I hope after this weekend’s race. I’m going to start a new dumbbell
gain journey, if there is a problem I will inform on here!

The problem is not solved yet, unfortunately.

As I know Freeletics uses a couple APK files distributed to different users at the same time, I hope yours could be fixed shortly, too!

I assume this kind of functionality is not implemented in the app / apk file but in the data the app downloads from the server. At least that is how I would implement it.

I do not know the software or server working manner very well, but this is the situation on my phone now, and situation is fixed for me, I hope shortly yours could be solved (I’m a Freeletics BETA user on an Android phone ).

I think this bug shows up occasionally only. They did not fix anything yet. The fact it works most of the time does not mean the bug is not out there.