Dumbell gain journey calculating and informing the weights wrong it seems

Hi Adrian, in my case it was fixed, but about a week or more ago I finished my training journey, I hope after this weekend’s race. I’m going to start a new dumbbell
gain journey, if there is a problem I will inform on here!

The problem is not solved yet, unfortunately.

As I know Freeletics uses a couple APK files distributed to different users at the same time, I hope yours could be fixed shortly, too!

I assume this kind of functionality is not implemented in the app / apk file but in the data the app downloads from the server. At least that is how I would implement it.

I do not know the software or server working manner very well, but this is the situation on my phone now, and situation is fixed for me, I hope shortly yours could be solved (I’m a Freeletics BETA user on an Android phone ).

I think this bug shows up occasionally only. They did not fix anything yet. The fact it works most of the time does not mean the bug is not out there.


I have a single dumbell of 12,5 kg as well. So does it mean (above picture) that i should use 6,25 kg for each side ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ben,

I have a single dumbell of 12,5 kg as well. So does it mean (above picture) that i should use 6,25 kg for each side ?

Oké this sounds all a bit silly. If you show how an exercise should be performed than I think we should be able to trust that information and not have to switch around and come up with different exercises just to make up for the calculations of the app.

As a beginner looking for guidance this is a reason to quite the app since it doesn’t provide me with a clear trainings schedule anymore and that’s, in my eyes, the core functionality of the app.

What can we expect on this topic within the coming weeks? Nothing is also an answer (since this has been around for years it seems) but than at least I know I will switch to another solution.

Hey @bvanbiezen :wave:t2:

I did reply to your other post below, hopefully this helps :point_down:t2:


Well all the thinking behind it might be sound, why not show a picture of someone doing the excerises with one dumble in that case? :wink:


Could you pass on the request to show the exercise image with one dumble?

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yesterday the coach asked me to do the squat (standard, not goblet) with a single 30kg dumbbell. I find it senseless because the maximum weight I have available for a pair of dumbbels is 2x24kg. I then eliminated all single weights from the list, keeping only pairs, and the coach suggested a number of repetitions with 2x24kg. In my opinion this is a serious bug because once you have received the suggestion of a single dumbbell it is no longer possible to change the weight by inserting two dumbbells

I’m doing express training journey since summer, with 50km of running per week. So İ’m not doing dumbell journey now. But if you would like to get masa dumbell journey is better. and this is an important bug.