Problem with just one 17KG Dumbbell


I see that there are workouts that use 2 Dumbbells at the same time that says “Dumbbells 17Kg” and others say “Dumbells 2x10Kg”.

So, I said to coach that I have just 1 dumbbell 17Kg, but coach send me a workout that use 2 Dumbells and only say “Dumbells 17Kg”.

It seems a bug, because if I delete the 1x17Kg dumbbell, it updates to 18Kg, Bu I only have 1 of each. Also, there’s others workouts that said explicitly “2x”.

Please see attached screens.

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That is a common question that appears in this forum. When the coach says 17kg (without a 2x) it means you have to do it with only With one dumbbell even if the video shows 2.

Dumbell gain journey calculating and informing the weights wrong it seems

In that topic @Ben says it is just like that. For example in the exercise you are showing, you should do something like goblet squats with only one dumbbell of 17kg.

I hope it helps

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in my position it seems fixed Alberto, it is saying that 2 x dumbbells in my Android phone for the last 2 weeks.

Thank for your explanation.

But why it says “Halteres” (plural), and in other single Dumbbells exercises it says “Halter” (singular)?

Also, why not recommending, for example, 2x 8kg beside 1x16kg? I have configured that I have 2x7, 2x8, 2x9, 2x10.

Or, why not making a new exercise with just 1 dumbbell, with the right posture?

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I agree with everything you are saying.

I forgot to write in my previous reply that I have no idea why the coach does it that way, and that I don’t like that it does it like that.

I disagree with the coach showing a 2 dumbbells exercise but expecting you to do it with only one. I agree with you that if it wants you to do it with only 1 dumbbell, then it should ask you to do (for example) goblet squats.

And for why it says plural instead of singular. That is probably a bug but I don’t know.

Sorry for not having answers this time


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The explanation given by @Ben makes no sense to me. I consider this a bug or at least bad design. Please get this fixed.

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In fact, I’d say that the technique is diffirent if you use 2 or 1 dumbell , same “issue” here in my app. Weak explanation, i’d say.

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The problem still persists.

That’s the problem I got previously, but not now! And it was annoying :thinking:

Please, freeletics, do something about this.

Just to clarify again, this is not a technical bug.

Where the Coach assigns you an exercise like this, it wants you to do so with a single dumbbell of the weight assigned.

As Santiago previously replied, I try to give some explanation to this in this topic here :point_down:t2:

I also say in the above conversation that I think we’re aware it’s not quite as intuitive as we hoped it would be, and I’m sure we’ll do some work to review this in the future.


To do a “double dumbbell” excercise with just one dumbbell is not intuitive at all. It causes a lot of confusion. If this is not a bug, I consider it at least bad design. Please redesign this. Thank you.