Dumbell gain journey calculating and informing the weights wrong it seems

Hi There I uploaded to here 2 photos from my trainings, the one with 13 reps of dumbbell squats with 5 rounds are about 6-8 months ago and coach says use 2 dumbbells with 8kg, and the other photo with 24 reps with 7 rounds says that but as you see in the photo it does not say that use 2 x 8 kg dumbbells, and coach is calculating all days total weights lifted as 2060 kilograms at the summary of training day, but because of the habbit from all trainings and also additionally because I did not registered 4kg dumbbells to coach settings (I have no 4kg dumbbells). I used 2 x 8kg dumbbells, with 24 reps and 7 rounds, (at total 168reps and only for dumbbell squats I lifted 2688 kilograms). I think this is a bug, and this bug could cause an injury, and it seems to be dangerous.

for tomorrow coach is giving me 6 rounds of 32 reps Dumbbell Biceps Curls with 11kg, again and it does not say 2x 11kg again and nor I do have 5.5 kg dumbbells registered. and I’m suspicious about I could do it after the 2nd round!

Could you please fix this? because it makes confusion and risk of injury, in some other athletes like me!
Altunc Suleyman Gezerler
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Hey there :wave:t2:

This isn’t a bug, where the Coach wants you to use two dumbbells it will state this as per your second screenshot.

In the first screenshot it wants you to do these with a single dumbell. You shouldn’t be doing this with 2 x 8kg dumbbells-just use a single 8kg dumbbell.


Hi @Ben , just curious, why doesn’t it say “goblet squat” then?

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Hey Tom :wave:t2:

That’s actually a good question, and in fact a Goblet Squat is often how I would suggest most people adapt the exercise to do this if the Coach assigns it in such a way.

I think the best way to try and explain this behaviour/logic is to highlight that we can double the amount of weight assignments the Coach can use for certain exercises by doing this.

For example, let’s say I have in my Coach settings 2 x 8kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 12 kg and 2 x 15 kg.

This results, in some assigned DB exercises the Coach asking me to lift a total of 16, 20, 24 or 30kg for x number of reps.

Now in an exercise like Dumbbell Squats the Coach can assign reps using both DBs, or with a single one, with the result that the available possible assignments to the Coach double with these weights :point_down:t2:

This now results in the Coach being able to ask me to lift a total of 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24 or 30kg for x number of reps.


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Awesome @Ben Thanks for the detailed answer. That makes sense! By having this functionality, the Coach is able to assign twice as many total weights.

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Also, I’m curious about dumbbell biceps curls, coach says 11 kg 32 reps and 6 rounds, and again it does not says 2 x 11 kg. And the main problem coach calculates the weights lifted with as half for example, with the dumbbell squats, I lift total of about 2600kg but coach is calculating it as about 1300kg.

I’m still confused, then as Tom said I have to do goblet squats and

Also for this picture, how could I do dumbbell flies with single 6kg dumbell?

I don’t know if I fully understand this Altunc :point_down:t2:

So you are saying that if you are assigned 10 reps x 10 kg, the Coach is stating you lifted 50kg?

Can you share some screenshots of this? As far as I know we are not aware of this problem.


Yup, the Coach will still assign this as a separate exercise :+1:t2:

Ah that’s easy-don’t let this put you off. You can do the reps on one side, then do the other side :+1:t2:


Exactly :+1:t2: I just want to add that I don’t think we believe have got this perfectly done, it’s fairly obvious that it isn’t as intuitive as we hoped for everyone :frowning_face:


This is the screenshot shot of overall workout session for 2x8kg dumbbell squats 24 reps and 6 rounds. Only dumbell squats with 2 x 8 dumbbells takes 2688 kg exercise volume, but coach calculates all over the daily workouts as 2060kg exercise volume. That’s the problem I think, because my exercise volume is near to 3400 kg maybe but coach is calculating it only 2060kg.

Thanks @Ben! That’s right but maybe a simple FAQ or “guide” that pops up when you click on this TJ could do the trick. A sort of Intro that states all the potential “Quirks” of this TJ/equipments.

But did the Coach not assign this round of Dumbbell Squats a single 8kg dumbbell?


no it says only 8kg, it doesn’t say 2 x 8 kg.

Ok, so you shouldn’t be using 2x8kg dumbbells here. The Coach wants you to use 8kg.


but I do not have 4kg dumbbells and I did not registered 4kg dumbbells to coach, and I could not understand how I could do dumbbell squat with single 8kg dumbbel, then it is a new exercise and it must have an another video that shows, how we could do dumbbell squats with single dumbbell?!? thanks for your kind helps.

The Coach isn’t assigning you 2 x 4kg dumbbells here Altunc-it is a single 8kg Squat.

Here is one way to do the exercise :point_down:t2:


thanks, I’ll try this kind of variations, but if this video could be in the app, it would be less confusing

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That’s making me confused, maybe some explanation need to be added to App, my concern is without confusion and minimum help from any real person, I could be use the AI Coach :thinking:

@Ben Your explanation makes no sense to me. I consider this a bug or at least bad design. Please get this fixed. I stumbled upon this bug myself. Thank you very much.