Dumbells weight suggestion

What is the difference between 16kg and 2x8kg in the context of dumbell weight suggestion by the freeletics app? In the attached photo for Arnold Press, the suggestion from the app is 16 kg. Does that mean 16 kg in each hand? If that is the case what does 2x8 kg mean in case of the bicep curls in the other photo?

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Hey Sidhhant :wave:t2: Long time no see :smile:

No, it means to use a total of 16kg. This could be a single 16kg weight, or 2 DBs of 8kg.

Here the Coach is indicating you should do the exercise with 2 8kg weights. Just a note, if you don’t have 2 8kg weights, you can use one and do the appropriate number of weights for that side, then swap and do the rest of the reps on the other side. So not having 2 weights of anything should not stop you from doing these exercises.