Count dumbbells weight

I’m dumbbells journey , when it write 30 kg it is mean for both dumbbells or for one for example: 22*40 kg squats dumbbells.

Hi @zionabebe34 - I haven’t used the dumbbell journey much in Freeletics but typically the weight recorded is the weight of a single dumbbell. So squats holding 2 dumbbells that are 40kg each would be recorded as 40kg squats. That said, in Freeletics, each exercise is prescribed as either single or double dumbbell so that will let you know what the actual weight lifted was… aka goblet squats are single dumbbell but lunges are double so 40kg goblet squats are only using 40kg total whereas 40kg lunges are actually using 80kg total.

@TomG - You have used the weights features in FL more than I have. Is my understanding correct?

Hi @zionabebe34 and @AOhReallyUh , yeah from my understanding, when the coach says 2x15kg then you’d use 2 dumbbells of 15kg each. However, when it says “15kg” you can either use 1 dumbbell of 15kg or 2 dumbbells of 7.5kg if the movement allows you to take 2.
For example dumbbells squats 2x30 kg would be 2 dumbbells of 30kg. And dumbbell squat 60kg would be either 2 dumbbells of 30kg or 1 dumbbell of 60kg (as you would do for a goblet squat).

The way the coach will display the dumbbell to use would depend on your settings and how many dumbbells you have available.